How We #RIZE 2016!

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Alright! Here’s to hoping that everyone is full of life and ready to put some work into making this year an awesome experience! The post Summer Camp Sukuma 2016 vibe is still very much in the air! Last week Saturday we had a fun-filled gathering with some of the youth who attended camp and my God what a blast! 18 young people actually rocked up at Fitness Zone gym in Manzini and it was really awesome to meet up after all the beautiful memories we shared at camp! Big ups to everyone who showed up! It was good to be able to hear each person share their experience about camp having had about 2 weeks to recover. I was greatly impressed by the goals that these young people have as they take on the year 2016! Wow! I have a really good feeling about this year! I’m praying that we go all out and make sure that we give this year 100%!
One of the most important questions that we SHOULD ask ourselves at the beginning of the year is this; WHAT’S THE GAME PLAN? For in the answer lies the success or any meaningful endeavor we may wish to have as we navigate life for the next 12 months. I know that this is a very difficult question with a potentially more complex response but it still one that MUST not be avoided. It holds the key to your success or failure. So before we go any further with this post and the year, we have to establish the strategy and tactics that will make us achieve whatever that we intend to do this year. The success of anything you do in life is always directly linked to the applications (principles, choices, values, etc.) you engage in meeting your goals. One thing is for sure; here at SukumaRIZE Youth Expressionz we believe that in every young person lies a naturally spiritual purpose for life.


It will be very crucial that we embrace God’s truth over our lives this year. For there is nothing as fulfilling and liberating as the simple but powerful truth of our Maker concerning our purpose in life. Your life is not a mistake nor is it a convenience. But it is a meticulously designed mission which God so wisely crafted so that you can be the best version of yourself. It does not matter your current circumstance or even what you think. God is not hoping that one day you will make it. He created you specifically such that everything in and about you has success written all over it! One of the most destructive lies that you can ever believe is that you won’t make it, that you are not good enough and that if only you were gifted like so and so! That is exactly the kind of mentality that we need to uproot this year! Why? It is directly contrary to everything that your Creator and Maker originally intended.
Embracing God’s truth and plan in our lives is the most important rule for success. This is where the issue of FAITH comes in. Now, I know that most young people often scratch the surface and never really go in deep when it comes to faith. There is also the wrong notion that faith works like magic or some trick where you just have to believe in ‘something’ hard enough and it will simply happen! This is a lie that we need to correct by providing the truth about faith. Hebrews 11:1 is simple enough in unpacking the path of faith. Romans 10:17 reveals to us how faith is activated. It is clear then that if a young person is to take their relationship with God to the next level this year, faith is the way to go! But how does faith help you #RIZE this year?

SukumaRIZE Youth Expressions Graffiti

SukumaRIZE Youth Expressionz Graffiti

In my next post we will go into the ‘meat’ and intricacies that will take your relationship with God to the next level in 2016! And faith is one of those keys that you will need to open the door into the rest of your productive year!
God bless!

2016: Get Your #RIZE On!

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Hey RIZERS! Tis’ a new year, new day and above all it is fresh opportunities to make our lives count! To God be the glory and praise! We’ve just returned (been 6 days now) from what was thee most amazing experience at Summer Camp Sukuma 2016! Wow! What a life changing camp! All our social media pages have been crazy! Summer Camp Sukuma Facebook page, SukumaRIZE Youth Expressionz group and Facebook timelines have been buzzing with the hype and excitement of #SummerCampSukuma16! It has really been humbling to see young people sooooo hyped for King Jesus! We have so many stories and testimonies to share from the camp but there will be plenty of time to do that in the coming weeks! What was very interesting and perhaps the most amazing thing I noticed on the last day of camp was how all these young people (all 46 of them!) from different churches, homes and schools in Swaziland had come to embrace and love one another like one big family! That was very humbling and inspiring because I believe the body of Christ is stronger when we are united!

Final Camp Poster

Alright! So we’re already into the new year and I think it is very important that we have a positive outlook, plan and direction for our lives! One of my favorite sessions at camp this year was one called ‘Leading Self to Becoming a Better Leader’! Leadership is not a title but a lifestyle and it is true that we are all born with leadership qualities. However it is also a fact that just because you have the ability to lead then you are already a leader. As we take on this year, it will be very crucial to each and every one that we begin to consciously practice self-leadership in every aspect of life. Self-leadership is simply defined as, ‘The process of influencing self to establish the direction and motivation needed to perform a task.’


This year will be an awesome year for you if you will take time to get to know yourself better. Yes. Most of us have got almost perfect knowledge of other things but do not take time to be with self and explore our inner beauty and drive. We have to master the art of being alone but not lonely. Spending time with God’s word will put you on the path to the greatest year of your life! For when we dig into God’s will for our lives He begins to take us on a journey of self-awareness in line with purpose. So you need to know self in line with God’s eternal plan for your life and not based on your current circumstance. It is only when you know and are confident in who you are that you will begin assuming your role of leadership in everything you do.


I look forward to walking the journey of ‘Leading Self to Becoming a Better Leader’ with all of you this year! Buckle up and get ready to have an awesomely blessed year! I will be sharing lots more with you on this blog by the grace of God! You can also look forward to weekly updates on all SukumaRIZE Youth Expressionz activities here! Super blessed to be blogging again!

Till next time! God bless y’all massively!



Hey everybody! Preparations for Saturday’s #RIZELife Session 2014 Season Launch are being handled accordingly, the #RIZELife team promises an awesome show! We are really excited about what God has in store for young people this year as we launch yet another season. The #RIZELife Session is a very important event in the youth empowerment world, especially where performance art is concerned. Over the past two years we’ve seen considerable growth in the level of performances, number of audiences and impact of the event since it started. We are determined to ensure that it continues to be a ‘hot spot’ for unearthing talent, encouraging fellowship and youth empowerment through performance art.
So on Saturday please look out for the serving/volunteer/ministry opportunity announcement for those of you who are passionate about Jesus Christ, performing arts, events management/organizing, social media, concept creation and youth ministry! We are looking for interns, volunteers or anyone who would like to join the #RIZELife Session team! We have a lot of opportunities that we want to avail to young people so that they get to experience the event from the inside as they will be involved in making it happen. We believe that such a move will ensure that the get empowered as well as share their skills, gifts and brains with their peers whilst growing the event into one of the most effective Christ centered youth empowerment initiatives.
We look forward to an awesome 2014 season of the #RIZELife show! God bless!


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Boys and girls! Ladies and gents! poets, singers, comics/comedians or storytellers! It is that time once again – the #RIZELife Session 2014 Season Launch is upon us! You know how we do it, year in year out! We’re calling up on all ye talented souls to boldly and humbly stand for Jesus Christ with your talent and gift. We’re eight-days away from the event and our line-up and preparation are at an advanced stage. We are looking forward to an awesome Jesus crazy time in the presence of God!

So we will be having 3 ‘OPEN MIC’ slots (three minutes each act) for artists (poem, song, story or comedy) who are not on the line-up! Only three slots. Make sure you send a text message to +26876343078. On Facebook you can send to Emmanuel Dlamini or send it to the same number on WhatsApp. Do this before next week Saturday if you are interested. Please do not post or comment here asking for a slot. If you show up on Saturday you might miss out UNLESS you get lucky! 🙂

You can also join our Facebook group, like our page or follow us on Twitter to stay updated on everything about the event! God bless!


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#‎RIZELife‬Session ‪#‎InfluencingYouthCulture‬

The #RIZELife is ‘not just an event but a culture shift’ for young people! SukumaRIZE Youth Expressions, Raise Praise Entertainment & God’s Holy Place (GHP) church bring you the 2014 season of what has now become a ‘hot spot’ for unearthing talent, encouraging fellowship and youth empowerment through performance art.
Our vision is to use performance arts and entertainment to promote a culture of responsible, positive and meaningful lifestyles amongst young people.


The event will be featuring some of the best young up and coming talent that Swaziland has to offer. Hosted by Pastor E, the event will be featuring Switch, Majaha aka Poetic Soul, Ntokozo aka The Conductor, Danielle Puleng, N-Joy, PhumlaThePoet, X.O the Hip Hop Apostle, Lindo, Bonelela and the Kingdom Pulse band! There will also be an ‘Open Mic’ slot for some of the acts who will be up for it! Don’t miss out! Go tell your people to tell their people that it’s on!

Venue : Jamming House, Manzini.
Date : Saturday 22nd February, 2014.
Time : 12pm
Entrance fee : E15 per head
Contacts : Pastor E +26876343078 or email
Follow us on Twitter : @SukumaRIZEYouth
Join our Facebook group : sukumaRIZE youth Expressions

Like our Facebook page : Sukumarizeyouth’s Blog

RHYTHM’d Act To Recruit Members! Don’t Miss Out!

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A new Christian performance/stage arts group to be directed by Pastor Thethe Dlamini will be recruiting members for a stage production which will also serve as an outreach and evangelism team using arts. Young people of all ages and from different churches are invited to come and join this new team which will follow in the footsteps of groups like Vessel of Glory.



If you’re interested in drama and would like to be part of stage ministry; PLEASE make it to the Fitness Zone this coming Saturday (25th Jan). Time is 11.30am.
This involves dance, singing, poetry, step, rap, story-telling and mime. You don’t have to do everything and can do only one of the above.
This is practical praise and worship – The name is RHYTHM’d.
DIRECTED by Pastor Thethe Dlamini.